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More valentines for you. 😁
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Asanoyama had 26 bouts today at home. He hosted Wakatakakage, Wakamotoharu,
Kiribayama, Ryuuden, Hiradoumi, Mitoryuu  and Juryo Oushouma for a massive
training session. He went 20-6, beating both Wakas and Kiribayama for 8
straight bouts at some point, 14-4 in all (4-0 against Wakatakakage, 2-0
against Wakamotoharu). "I'm glad I got to train with guys I don't usually
train with. It was great fun and I think I was able to do some good sumo
there. Truth be told, before the training started I was scared.. I feared I
would be pushed around easily. I faced it all telling myself to do forward
moving sumo," he said. He was 8-4 against Kiribayama, who became a sanyaku
stalwart while Asanoyama was away. "He has gotten larger and stronger.. He
does well close up and from a distance..I'm happy i was able to face him
today," he added. He faced Kiribayama 5 times as an Ozeki and was 3-2 (one
win was a fusensho) so he didn't have it easy back then either.  "My body
was moving well and I was able to respond so that was good. I want to
return to my old banzuke rank for a second try.." he summed.
The question remains- is he back in Makuuchi next basho? Answer in two


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