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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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Juryo 5 east Kinbouzan is looking to become the first Makuuchi rikishi from
Kazakhstan (Borat did not make it). "That makes me very happy.," he said.
He trained with Makushita and under from his heya and won all 9 bouts.
"Today I was conscious of moving forward. My body is moving well. I am a
bit frustrated from last basho (lost his last three bouts, but still
managed 11 wins) but i was able to go the distance without injury and I
guess that's good.. I am aiming for kachikoshi!" he added.

Ura got a lot of chocolate for Valentine's day. 50 bars or more. The most
he ever got. "I love sweets but I fear I won't be able to eat all of that,"
he said. He got a lot of letters with the chocolate from fans showing their
love. "That makes me very happy. Last basho I was 7-8 but I'm happy because
that was way over my real abilities.. I will be gambarizing as per usual"
he added humbly.

Tokushouryuu is back in the paid ranks after dropping to Makushita last
basho after 11 years as a sekitori. He was seen lending his chest to the
lower rankers, back in his white mawashi. "It was a struggle. My Oyakata
told me not to give up and to bounce right back, which I did. I did have
thoughts of retiring, but I'm glad it turned out this way. I will take the
bouts a day at a time and give it my all. I just want to have fun," he said.


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