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Yesterday, Kiribayama went for degeiko to Arashio beya and trained with his
sanyaku rivals Wakatakakage and Wakamotoharu, and with Juryo Koutokuzan and
went 16-3. He won his first 14 bouts showing stamina and great power on the
belt. He also had a sharp tachiai, pushing back his opponents with ease.
"My body is in good shape. I still have three ranks to climb to get to the
top (he'll be Sekiwake next basho) so first things first- next stop-
Ozeki.  It's going to be fun seeing who gets there first.." he said.

Asanoyama trained at home today, facing Juryo Oushouma who came for
degeiko, and the lower rankers of his heya. 29 bouts in all.  13-8 against
Oushouma. He even had 10 straight bouts without resting whilst breathing
heavily. "I am moving properly. No weakness at all. I think that 'feeling'
is slowly returning and I'd like to build on that," he said. Osaka has been
good to him in the past - first Juryo basho, Ozeki promotion decided.
"That's in the past. I don't want to think about my past. I want to find
the new me. Even if I remember the good stuff, the bad stuff always
follows.. I want to properly do sumo for 15 days and make the fans happy.
In January my body was moving well and I was able to do good sumo.
Hopefully, I cam continue with that next basho," he summed.

We don't know yet if he will be back in Makuuchi next basho, but he does.
Reading between the lines I have a feeling he knows he will be, although I
still stubbornly don't think he will..


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