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Sadogatake beya is heating up s the boys have resumed training. Kotoshouhou
took on Kotonowaka and Kotoekou (ekou, ekou) and was 20-4, continuing to
show the form he showed last basho. He went head to head against his senpai
Takakeishou last basho, losing to him on the last day and missing out on
the yusho, but did get his first ever fighting spirit prize.  "I don't want
to forget the feeling I had at that point so I think I have to improve my
abilities," he said. His tachiai was  powerful and the follow-up was
excellent as well. Even when his more experienced opponents managed to
brave his attack he came at  them for a second and third time relentlessly.
He was looking very assertive.  "Even if I have a good tachiai, the
follow-up is important. I can't make do with one attempt, I need to keep
going. I want to do that instinctively!" he enthused. As for last basho's
musubi match for the Cup? "The atmosphere was totally different- I am glad
I had that experience.." he summed.

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