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The 47th Fuji one-day tournament was held today. The winner was Daieishou
who beat Houshouryuu in the finals for the Cup, earning himself 2,500,000
yen in prize money. He beat Takakeishou in the third round by yorikiri, and
beat Azumaryuu by tsuridashi in the quarterfinals -showing some nifty belt
skills, they say. "Yotsu? Occasionally. I will be brushing up on my oshi
skills.. It's been a while since I've beaten the Ozeki (he lost the last
eight times). He was the highest ranked participant so I told myself that
after beating him, I need to get the yusho," said Daieishou a bit later.

In the Juryo tournament, Asanoyama lost to Kitanowaka (who went on to win
the tourney) in the second round. "It's too bad, but I am aiming to take
the Makuuchi tournament yusho next year," said Asanoyama. He then spoke to
the press . "I'm still at the early stages of preparations. I'll be upping
the pace starting tomorrow (the 6th) by doing sumo with my heyamates.
Degeiko? It's very important to face other sekitori in training.  If the
opportunity arises, I'll go," he explained.

Shoudai speaks out regarding his performance last basho. "I had injured my
right big toe in training in December and contemplated kyujo, but it was
important for me to enter Hatsu. It's my 'kicking foot' and I felt quite
uncomfortable during the tachiai. The pain was strong and I couldn't even
do sumo in training. I started taking painkillers a day before the start of
the basho, and found myself taking three different kinds of pills because
of the pain. I taped three of my toes together. I couldn't get that first
step in. Right after my sixth loss (and losing the chance to return to
Ozeki) it felt better. I managed to go 6-6 but then re-injured the toe and
lost all remaining bouts.. I'm good now. I think I will fall out of sanyaku
but will gambarize and am aiming for double-digit wins!" he declared. This
was Shoudai, of course.


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