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Isegahama Oyakata judging chief on the Ozeki camp: "I hope they don't do
sumo that shames the Ozeki rank. They should man up and do Ozeki sumo, " he
said. All three Ozeki face tough opponents on day 1. "Truth be told, I'm
not expecting anything from them.. It's been like this for a while now-I'd
say a year. Ozeki is the rank closest to Yokozuna. I want them to properly
do their own sumo and aim for Yokozuna. I'm pretty sure they want that as
well, but the results don't show that.. I want them to rediscover their own
sumo. As for Wakatakakage and his Ozeki promotion chances, he wasn't
looking that great last basho. He has to get more stable results. As for
Asanoyama, well, Sandanme is Sandanme. He should just seriously do his own
sumo and I think he'll be fine.." said Isegahama Oyakata.


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