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Takayasu went to Isegahama beya where he faced Nishikifuji, Midorifuji,
Atamifuji and a Terunofuji as well. 13-10. At the end ' he even borrowed
Terunofuji's chest for butsugari."It's a spirited keiko-ba. Starting with
the Oyakatas, everybody was very helpful and giving guidance and there
really was a great environment. I was totally energized!" he said. I-the
heya brought bavk memories. "When I was just starting out I trained here a
lot when it was still Ajigawa beya. I have fond memories of that. When
Kisenosato and Ama (Harumafuji) were still in Maegashira, they used to go
at it fiercely    I was able to watch that when I was a young rikishi. I
was still under-Makushita then. Isegahama Oyakata was kind enough to shout
advice at me during keiko- It made me resolve to gambarize. I remember that
well," he divulged.

Terunofuji faced Takayasu - 4 bouts, 3-1. He also faced Nishikifuji,
Midorifuji and Atamifuji-and went 9-2 overall. "I've trained with Takayasu
a lot since we entered sumo - we didn't go at it wildly like we used to,
but we did what we could," he said, stating quality before quantity.
Yesterday he too was at Arashio beya facing Wakatakakage and others and is
training hard.
His knees don't seem to be better than before but he is doing his best
while listening to his body. "I think it's going well.." he summed.


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