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Quick roundup from the last few days:

August 19th- *Takayasu *went to Tatsunami for degeiko. "My new son was born
last night. It's a boy (Mrs. Walker), it's a boy. I want to do genki sumo
and show him some good stuff," he said. He faced Houshouryuu and Meisei for
some bouts and was 11-4. "His sumo is young and he can do anything he
pleases.. I can benefit from facing these kind of guys," he said about
Houshouryuu.  He is 32 and getting on but says he still feels he is young
and has much to offer.

August 21st- *Wakatakakage* faced Hokutofuji and Nishikigi who came to
visit and was 9-5 against them."I'd like to slowly up the keiko pace from
this point on and properly face the basho. Ozeki? I can only properly
prepare myself and properly do my own kind of sumo. I'll be coming at my
opponents from down under.." he said.

*                          Nishikigi* came to Arashio beya to train, after
training at Tokitsukaze the last few days. "If i don't mount the dohyo, I
cannot become strong. I'm aiming to do good keiko, " he said. Last basho he
was forced to leave the basho towards the end because of the COVID outbreak
at his heya. It was the first time he was away from the dohyo since he
entered sumo in 2006. "I was thinking to myself- spare time, huh? Spare
time in the middle of the basho?? Strange feeling..I really wanted to
finish the basho, although I already had my kachikoshi. And I wasn't even
sick at all.. I'm glad to be back in the joi next basho. I made it up there
before, then I dropped down to Juryo- it's been about five years since I
was at the top ranks (3 years, but who's counting..). I'm glad to be
back.." he said.

*                          Ounoshou* visited  Arashio beya as well. facing
Wakatakakage and others and going 6-4. "I think I was able to face the
others well. The speed here is different than at my heya (where he has no
sekitori  to train with..). It's fun, going for degeiko. After my wedding?
I'm calmer-we are so very much alike, my wife and myself. It's really great
to have someone to come home to."

*                           Hokutofuji was* at the same Arashio session,
and he also went to Tokitsukaze for the last few days and faced Shoudai
there. Today, he faced Wakatakakage and others. "It's important to face
other sekitori. I plan on gradually building my body till the start of the
basho," he said. He showed symptoms on the final  day and felt sluggish and
had a runny nose and later dropped 8 kilos. "I'm still not totally over
it,  but if I train  well I will slowly get stronger. There are rikishi who
died from the virus. It's scary. I was battling my fears as well. i will do
my best to avoid injury and will concentrate to be able to win," he
summed. "

August 22nd:Cup holder I*chinojou* visited Tamanoi beya facing Juryo
Azumaryuu and Touhakuryuu for 19 bouts, going 13-6. "First i need to get my
kachikoshi, otherwise it was all for nothing. Kachikoshi, double digit
wins-  I guess that's the target. A lot of Makushita guys here, so I was
practicing grabbing the front of the mawashi. I'm always facing the larger
guys and have problems with opponents that move to the side..It was good
keiko.  The yusho? That's behind us, and i will be taking the good points
from last basho and will be properly concentrating on my sumo and training.
This basho, my opponents will probably be thinking more on how to face me,
after I got  the yusho. I already mostly know what I need to do. If I can
channel this confidence I shouldn't regret anything.." he said.

August 23rd::  *Asanoyama *trained at home today. "I don't have the courage
to visit my hometown yet.. I was always encouraged by my local supporters
when i was ranked at the top. I will do my all I can to show them at my
best again, and then I hope to return home.." he said. Today he faced
visitors from Miyagino- Enhou and Hokuseihou and Oushouma from Naruto and
went 15-4. He overpowered the last two and had some problems with Enhou.
Miyagino Oyakata (ex-Hakuhou) was there. They were seen conversing. "You
can tell that he has something special. When I told people I was going to
see Asanoyama they all asked me to pass on him to gambarize, and that I
did,' he said. "Today I had large, medium and small rikishi to face, so the
keiko was good. Ex-Hakuohu''s presence had me stressed after not feeling
that way for a while..When we went on jungyo, he was always around , and it
was the same feeling I felt back then. I'm happy he said good things about
me," said Asanoyama. "The Sandanme yusho is only a starting point on my
journey back. I wasn't congratulated by many fans after the basho so i want
to continue with this feeling of still having a lot to do. I lost some
weight, but I'm around 170 kilos and hope remain at 173 kilos. My body is
moving well No use in adding useless weight," he added. "I'll be in
Makushita next, but I'll be going about it as if I'm ranked at joi and go
all out and gambarize," he summed.


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