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The three Ozeki decided to do some bouts between themselves to "liven up
the crowds," as Mitakeumi put it. "We can't actually interact with the
crowd because of the COVID restrictions, so we thought we should properly
do some sumo," he added. "I am healthy for sure. No symptoms," he said
after being inflicted with the virus  a few weeks ago. "It's really too
bad, I was planning on escaping kadoban and had to leave the basho in the
middle.. Still, I hope to gambarize as an Ozeki next basho as well. I'd
like to get 10 wins," he summed. In case anyone still had doubts about his
rank next basho, well..

Ichinojou spoke to the press today. "I've forgotten what the jungyo is
like. It's good, as expected. I missed this. I really would have liked to
get my picture taken with the fans, but.." he said. He is being
congratulated on his first yusho everywhere he goes.

As there is no official interaction allowed with the fans, the Kyokai comes
up with some workarounds. One of them is the newly established "Question
Quorner", where kids can ask rikishi questions. Today, to answer your
questions, we have Wakatakakage and Hokutofuji. I think this is one of the
best interviews i have ever translated..

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

Waka: I prepare fish..

Q: What do you do when you're on holiday?

Hoku: I go to the park with my kids or just play with them.

Q: What have you been enjoying lately?

Waka: I'm enjoying the daily keiko..

Q: I think the rikishi have a soft body, but can you do a "bridge"??

Hoku: I used to be able to , but nowadays my body had grown big so I can't..

Q: How much rice do you consume a day?

Waka: I'd say about 5 big bowls.

Q: What is your favorite technique?

Hoku: My favorite technique is oshidashi.

Q: What was your hobby when you were in elementary school?

Waka: I used to read the manga "One Piece
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Piece>". I still do..

Q: Do you wear a yukata when you sleep as well as when you go out?

Hoku: I usually sleep in a tee shirt and shorts. When I go out, I wear a
yukata or a kimono.

Q: Why did you become a rikishi?

Waka: My father, my brothers and my grandfather were/are rikishi so we are
a "sumo household.."

Hoku: My body was already large as a child- the first time I entered a
children's sumo tournament i lost and I was sad so that made me decide to
take it more seriously.

Q: Do you have to grow your hair to become a rikishi?

Waka: When I became a rikishi I was totally bald.. Since then i have been
growing my hair and have reached my current hairdo..

Q: How long do you train every day?

Hoku: We start around 8 am and finish at around 11 am, eat, and take a nap.
Then, some training for 1-2 hours in the afternoon.

Q: What sports did you do when you were little?

Waka: I've been doing sumo since I was little, but also did some judo and
track and field.

Hoku:  I started skiing at the age of three, did some swimming, some sumo,
basketball and judo as well.


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