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Video of the session:

Kagayaki is participating for the first time. "I have problems at the edge
of the dohyo where I get upset a lot and lose. I need to work on that, so
that's why I'm here," he said. He faced Kiribayama, Ounoshou and Takayasu
for 19 bouts today.

Mitakeumi was absent from day 2. Only 7 sekitori, Komusubi Takayasu (15
bouts today) ranked highest. "If I am lazy I get injured, so I have to go
out there and give it my all," said Takayasu.

Kiribayama had 19 bouts, tsuridashiing Kagayaki in the process. "I want to
work on that-I'm not that good at it for now," he explained.


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