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 I remember Takayasu when he first entered sumo at the old Naruto Beya,  (then headed by the former Yokozuna Takanosato, who died in 2011).  Seemed promising even then. 
The late Naruto oyakata would encourage his rikishi by having each report to him, personally, after a bout, to inform of a win or loss. If the rikishi won his bout that day, Naruto would reward him with a sweet.  I don't remember the  consequences of a loss. I'm sure Katrina  Watts remembers and can expand on that. 

Barbara Ann

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> Takayasu had 6 bouts today, going 3-3. He has gradually done less and less bouts daily. "I really want to go all out, but i have to bear in mind the coming basho. The important thing is to face day 1 in the best condition. Even when I'm in excellent condition i have to listen to my body and act accordingly. I'm not 20 years old anymore-it's different now. All I can do is do what I can to bring myself to the best condition possible in order to be able to fight through all 15 days," he explained. He no longer has Araiso oyakata as a sparring partner so his whole regimen has changed. "I don't have another sekitori at the heya so I have to take advantage of these kinds of joint sessions. I have to figure out how to build my body. I have a duty of strengthening the lower rankers, so together with them I will try to create an atmosphere of serious training. I will be pushing myself and them hard," he said.
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