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> Final day. Present: Hakuhou, Takayasu, Mitakeumi, Ichinojou , Kiribayama, Myougiryuu, Ishiura. Juryo: Enhou, Azumaryuu, Sadanoumi, Nishikigi and Kaishou.
> Hakuhou, again no sumo, fundamentals,  lent his chest to Mitakeumi, dished out free advice to 
> Mitakeumi- 10 bouts, no details, listening intently to Hakuhou's advice:
> Myougiryuu - was very active. "A lot of guys here, wanted to come for some time now.." Joined yesterday, for the first time since the advent of the emergency joint training sessions. He only has Sadanoumi to really train with at his heya. "The timing was always wrong whenever I wanted to come.  As I was tested negative for the virus a few days ago I decided it would be good to be able to face other guys in this fashion, and yes, the keiko was good'" he explained.  Today he had 9 bouts, beating Ichinojou by marching him out as well. "He was heavy.. Nonetheless, I was able to move forward and move him out, and it's a great feeling that will remain with me until the coming basho.." he said. He is on a 4 basho makekoshi streak and will be ranked pretty low after his 5-10 at Maegashira 7 last basho. "I will be preparing as usual for the coming basho for the remaining two weeks,  
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