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Chenise Murphy - Writer, Director, Producer

I've always had a very over active imagination...so, I figured I might as well start putting it to good use. I started off writing poems and stories, then I discovered screenwriting. I fell in love with it. It's been two years and we are very happy together.

Social Media:
Twitter: @_chenise
Instagram: @daddycoolmurphy

Kay Vickers - Writer

I've always had a knack for writing and story telling, I've been doing it all my life. But it's mostly always been a hobby so far. I haven't had anything published but I would love to! I live in Kentucky and spend too much time at work and not enough having fun. But when I do have fun I enjoy reading, writing, gaming and just being geeky with my best friend and my cat Xena.

Social media:
Pinterest: kaybear21225
Twitter: @kaybear21225
Vine: kaybear
YouTube: kaybeartehghamer

Mac Campos - Writer

Hi I am Mac Angel Campos born February 16 1989 which would make me an aquarius. I believe the essence of all art is to have a pleasure in giving pleasure and that essence has seeped into my life's work. During the day I work two jobs as a massage therapist helping people with their aches and pains and releasing their stress. I also am a very active guy usually working out after work and playing basketball, I work out at Xsport fitnessshould you ever run across me say hello. I love to eat food due to the amount of energy I expend through out my days and believe I eat good although it might be considered unhealthy to some.

Joe Klemmer - Online Technical Support

Born in Germany at the height of the Cold War, I spent the first half of my life living back and forth between Europe and the States.

I've been involved in the computer industry since 1982, primarily as a programmer. Some of the technology fields I have worked in are Linux, web development, game development and app creation.

A few of my non-tech interests include Formula 1, F&SF books/TV/movies, Sumo, classic rock/metal & blues music and video games.

Social Media:
Twitter: @JoeKlemmer
Email: Joe.Klemmer@Gmail.com