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My Links Page

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Visual COBOL R3
WebTrek Games Indy Game site
Open Letter READ THIS!!! An Open Letter To Those Without Invisible Disability Or Chronic Illness ...
Joe Klemmer My personal site
My UnKnown blog Yes, I finally got sucked into blogspace
Italian Insights Italians really are different
Linux Weekly News The best site on the web for Linux news and information
Freshmeat Where to find software for *NIX, Mac OS & Palm OS
Freshrpms RPMs made for Red Hat/Fedora Linux
Linux ISOs site Where you can d/l the latest CD images for many Linux distributions
Slashdot News for nerds. Stuff that matters
Kuro5hin A great community site with quality content posted by users
Formula 1 The official F1 site
Sumo Videos Selected sumo bouts from Old and New Bashos
Grand Sumo Home Page The official Sumo page
My Sumo stats page Kind of like Fantasy Football or Baseball, only Sumo
Cigar.com An excelent place to fidn hreat quality cigars at very good prices. I recoment trying the house brand.
My Customized World Clock What time is it in some interesting locations.
RavenBlack's Perch An interesting site I stumbled upon