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This is my personal web page. It's very basic and simple because I believe that content is more important that flashy bells and whistles. When I started on the web Mosaic was brand new. Some of the things you'll find here are my resumé (MS Word | HTML | PDF | TEXT | RTF [Updated: January 2011]), a list of articles and reviews I've written, some random humor & information I have collected over the years, a few bits of code and, lastly, the obligatory links page.


  • Born on November 12th, 1962 in Bremerhaven Germany
  • Graduated from Kaiserslautern American High School in 1980
  • Married in 1990
  • Son born in 1996
  • Retired from the Government on disability in 1999
  • Divorced in spring 2002
  • Worked part-time until fall 2004
  • Started University at Westwood Online in fall 2008

  • Attained Green belt in Tae Kwon Do until disability forced me to stop
  • Played electric blues/metal/rock guitar until disability forced me to stop
  • Read F&SF books when time permits
  • Am a pretty good cook, especially Italian food
  • Strong advocate for Linux and Open Source, but not a zealot (unless the situation calls for it)
  • Enjoy an occasional quality cigar when time and finances permit.
  • Can speak a little German, Thai, Mandarin Chinese, Italian and am learning Japanese
But enjoy spending time with my son more than anything else in the world.
That is, when he's not too busy sk8ing.

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