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Shoudai trained at home against 4 college rikishi from his alma mater and 4
lower rankers form his heya and went 11-3.  He had one bout against each of
the college guys and beat them all, but was 7-3 against his heya's lower
rankers, and had his ups and downs against them, looking great at times,
and not so much  also. "I'm still not back to my usual tachiai. I want to
hit harder. I'd like to get kachikoshi in March. When I injured my toe last
basho i heard a nasty snapping sound. I had the same injury when i was in
college. My body remembered that.. I may be a bit scared to fully step on
it at the tachiai, " he said. He has been training lately with sekitori,
the likes of Hokutofuji and Nishikigi who came around for degeiko. "I
intend to use painkillers during the basho and if the need arises, will be
getting an injection as well. Dropping to hiramaku for the first time in
three years doesn't necessarily mean i need to retire.. I have no wish
whatsoever to call it quits. I will gambarize to be able to stay at the joi
and sanyaku ranks.." he summed.


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