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Yokozuna Terunofuji lent his chest to visiting Kiribayama at Isegahama
-beya today.  He did not do any sumo. "Still a month left- I'm checking to
see how far I can go with myself.." he said. Before the butsugari chest
lending, he checked out Kiribayama's tachiai  ten times. He was seen not
budging from Kiribayama's efforts. "It's just  a feeling from lending my
chest, but I feel my heaviness has mostly returned.." he added. He also
said he does sumo every now and then as well. His lower body seems to be a
bit thin, but his upper body and muscles look restored. He also seemed to
have a case of the shingles
his buttocks. "I guess I'm a bit tired. I've been training in the morning
and weight-training in the evening.. I have decided what I need to do," he

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