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ex- Chiyotairyuu opened a yakiniku restaurant in Roppongi on January 16th.
Meatland is the name. The official opening was held today. "I'd like
retired rikishi to come work for me while learning the ropes, and then to
go back home and open a franchise. I want this to become a chain that would
benefit the guys and myself." he said. In the meantime he has hired a
Japanese chef (Mr. Nakamura) who has worked in France, and is working on a
"French Yakiniku" dish. I hope to change chefs every now and then and
maintain a refreshed menu.." he explained. He prepared a suit and a tie for
the opening but left the suitcase on the train, so he showed up in a
tracksuit for the grand opening, apologizing with that charming smile that
we love so much. "I'd like the price of a large yakiniku dish to be around
2-3000 yen, so that everyone can enjoy it," he summed.


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