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The NHK sumo event was held for the 55th event after a three year hiatus
due to COVID.  Makushita mini-tournament won by Kotooozutsu
"I was able to do good sumo, not like during the real bashos.. I hope to
gradually climb up the ranks. I want tot properly gambarize and make it to
Makuuchi this year,," he said later. Yokozuna Terunofuji took part in a
tsuna tying demonstration,  and did the dohyo-iri as well. A singing
contest as usual with Takayasu apparently stealing the show. Other singers
were Ounoshou, Tobizaru, Hiradoumi, and Kiriyama Oyakata. Then the Juryo
tournament and the Makuuchi tournament were held. It was a charity show,
and money was raised to buy six ambulances. 3450 spectators at the

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