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Jeff and Pat, thanks for the link.  Moti is none too happy.

Found this list on Reddit:  (my comments in parentheses)

Sumo YouTube Channel Guide


Japan Sumo Association Official Channel 日本相撲協会公式チャンネル

Official JSA English Channel Sumo Prime Time

Asakayama Beya Official Channel 浅香山部屋公式チャンネル

Minato Beya Official Channel Sumo Stable, Minato exclamation channel


Chris Sumo <https://youtube.com/@chrissumo69>   (still up, posted 3 days
Sumo Stew <https://youtube.com/@Sumostew>    (no new content for 3 mouths)
Sumo Spiffy’s Bar and Grill <https://youtube.com/@sumospiffysbarandgrill>
(still up, has coverage of the natto, kinta ban)
World of Sumo <https://youtube.com/@worldofsumo>   (still up, doesn't do
daily coverage)
Sumo Kaboom Podcast <https://youtube.com/@SumoKaboom>   (still up, very
small channel, doesn't do daily coverage)



natto sumo <https://youtube.com/@NattoSumo2> (Fixed) (channel down)
Kintamayama <https://youtube.com/@Kintamayamasumo>  (channel down)

Don Don <https://youtube.com/@DonDonSumo>  (still up but no new content)
Jason’s All Sumo Channel <https://youtube.com/@JasonsinJapan>   (channel
Hooked On Sumo <https://youtube.com/@hookedonsumo7291>  (channel down)
Full 15 Sumo <https://youtube.com/@full15sumo>  (still up, small channel)
Sumo Wrestling <https://youtube.com/@SumoWrestlingjapan>  (can't find this

I think there are Japanese language channels that show the daily bouts in a
manner similar to Moti's channel but I haven't been able to check if they
have had copyright strikes as well.  I am sure all the list members would
appreciate any suggestions as to where we can watch the matches short of a
TV Japan subscription on top of a cable TV subscription.  This also
makesJeff Kobayashi's daily results a necessity.


On Thu, Feb 2, 2023 at 7:19 PM Patricia Yarrow <yarrowp at gmail.com> wrote:

> Beyond short-sighted of NHK/Kyokai. I hope they will reinstate Moti and
> Natto and Jason he mentioned.
> I added a Comment with three other platforms he could move to. These are
> three I am familar with, and they are stocked with refugees from YouTube.
> What is the sumo world coming to?
> */ Patricia Yarrow*
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