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"The banzuke was made in a fair way. Mitakeumi? The base is the same as
usual but I can't say anything until the banzuke is released," said a
cryptic Isegahama Oyakata today. I guess that means Mitakeumi remains
kadoban for Aki. The reporter is guessing those that got kachikoshi or
makekoshi before they pulled out will be ranked according to these records,
but those who withdrew before KK/MK will either stay at their ranks or be
demoted  a rank . "I can't talk about the banzuke specifically as that
would mean I would be giving away details. We can discuss this after the
banzuke is released on August 29th," he added. When asked if new rules that
will address these specific issues will be instated, he answered; "We can't
do that..It's the banzuke , after all."  It is said that the banzuke is a
"living thing", so making precise rules for anything is out of the
question, it seems.


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