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Maegashira 1 Kiribayama is aiming for a third straight double-digit win
basho. "The long awaited degeiko was great. It's going to be a bout a day
so I will be properly doing it. I'm properly thinking of doing my own sumo,
win or lose. I was able to face many types of rikishi doing all kinds of
sumo- oshi, tsuppari ,etc.  and I managed to deal with each one of them.
Today i had my usual 15 bouts or so against the young ones of the heya," he

Sekiwake Daieishou is in full training mode. "It goes without saying that I
am aiming upwards and I truly want to get there, but I've only  had one
double-digit win basho (on the way up..) now, so..  I don't want to rush
things and hope to go about the basho as usual," he said. He hasn't arrived
in Nagoya yet and is training at the heya's location in Saitama. Today he
faced Endou,  Tobizaru, Tsurugishou and Daiamami for 15 bouts. "I think I'm
training well. It's hot in Nagoya so I will be monitoring my body properly,
" he added. This will be his second basho as a sekiwake. The first time
around he went 5-10. "I planned on going about it as usual back then but I
was overthinking things, I guess..The difference between then and now is
that I am still planning on going about it as usual but I'm already used to
that feeling, so this time it's going to be different," he said in closing.


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