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Ura trained at home today. "I just want to able to do sumo for 15 days," he
said , after going kyujo on day 13 last basho at 9-3.  "My technique and
power are lacking at the moment. My injuries are preventing me from being
where I want to be, but it has nothing to do with my turning 30. If not for
the injuries, I could do more training. I have gained weight but have not
been able to fully take advantage of that. That's where my potential lies,"
he summed.

Tamawashi trained at home and is aiming for the fourth straight basho where
he gets a kinboshi against Terunofuji. He is the fifth rikishi since the
Showa era to get three straight kinboshi from the same Yokozuna. The last
time that happened was way back in '57. "I'm certainly looking forward to
that.." he said with certainty. He trained against two Jonidan rikishi,
then proceeded to doing squats while picking both of them up and coming up
with all sorts of ingenious ideas  for an hour. "My tachiai speed is
lacking so I'm aiming to improve that. I'm always going for doing
'feelgood' sumo. I'm not that skilled, so if I can utilize my power the
wins will follow.   Shouhouzan retired? We used to train a lot together.  I
spoke to him on the phone and he told me he is now relaxed and asked me to
gambarize. He planned on continuing till he was 40, but I feel I will
continue as long as I am able to make the fans who come to watch me happy
with my own brand of sumo. I want to get another yusho for my kids.. " he


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