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Ozeki Mitakeumi with a 2-5-8 record retains his kadoban status.

New Sekiwake Houshouryuu is the first one from Tatsunami  beya since
Meisei  last Aki and is the 10th Mongolian and 20th foreigner to achieve
this rank.

Three Sekiwakes wihout any of them being a demoted Ozeki - the first time
this happened since Aki 2020 (Shoudai, Mitakeumi, Daieishou)

3 Komusubis (Abi stays, Kiribayama and Ichinojou back) - the first time
since last March.

3 Sekiwakes and 3 Komusubis- first time in 23 years. Last time- January
1999. 6 Sanyaku - first time since Kyushu 2019.

Biggest promotions - Midorifuji- up 10 ranks. Meisei, up eight ranks.

New Juryo Kinbouzan is the first sekitori from Kazakhstan and the 54th
Nichidai graduate. The other new Juryo Tochimusashi is the 21st sekitori
out of Saitama.

Asanoyama, after a six basho suspension, promoted to Makushita 15 after his
7-0 yusho in Sandanme. If he gets a zensho-yusho this basho, he will be in
Juryo next basho.


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