[sumo] Contact to Sumo Management about special attendance

Brian McCarty coralseastudios at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 18:56:17 EDT 2022


I’m betting that the Covid-19 restrictions in Japan will be lifted for independent travel by the November Kyushu Basho.  

For several years, I’ve traveled with a service dog, trained to monitor my blood sugar level via smell.  We’ve been to Japan together without many issues, and I’m planning to be at the Kokusai Center for at least a week of the tourney.  I generally get single masu seiki day tickets, and this would work out fine.  The dog has traveled at my feet with me to Australia, Europe several times, other locations in Asia, and I live in Hawai’i.   

I’d like to advise Sumo Kyokai so it isn’t a total surprise.  I don’t get any answers from the “general” email address for them, even when written in Japanese.  

Any suggestions for who I might contact would be appreciated.


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