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Interesting article I came across today, regarding ex-Hakuhou's becoming
Miyagino. This is reportedly a young oyakata's take:

"Usually when you establish a heya you need money, lots of it. You need to
buy land and build a building. If you take over a heya, you need to buy the
building from the retiring oyakata. Getting some rikishi to follow you
there is also not an easy task. Since the rikishi need to be schooled in
the sumo way by the Kyokai, and there are maintenance costs as well, it's
customary to pay the retiring Oyakata for that as well. When Futagoyama
beya and Fujishima beya merged, it was rumored that it cost 300 million
yen. But Hakuhou obviously didn't have a lot of expenses. That is because
while still active, he skillfully built his army of future rikishi that he
chose personally. He planned his future move from early on and created some
routes of recruit. He established the "Hakuhou Cup" for youngsters where he
could check out the future prospects first hand. He established close
relations with sumo powerhouse Tottori Johoku high school. Additionally, he
has good relations with college powerhouse Nichidai, through Tottori's
coach who is a Nichidai alumni. He also has obvious connections to
Mongolians who are studying in Japan. That's how he was able to recruit
some great prospects. There are 17 rikishi in Miyagino beya at present, but
the majority are Hakuhou's boys - Sekitoris Ishiura, Enhou and Hokuseihou,
Makushita Houkahou,  Mukainakano, Raihou,  Sandanme Senhou, Chura, Kenyuu
and Jonidan Takabahou, Ishii and Kurokage. Ex-Miyagino has certainly
benefitted from that. The next step seems to be to become head of his
ichimon. Current head of Isegahama beya/Ichimon isegahama Oyakata will be
retiring in three years. The next head of the Ichimon will probably be
Asakayama (ex- KaioU) who is very popular. After that, it seems it will be
Hskuhou's turn. Isegahama Oyakata seems to be planning to pass the heya
over to Terunofuji, so we may see a Hakuhou-Terunofuji battle for the
Ichimon riji in the future.. Hakuhou's current target seems to be to widen
his support within the Ichimon with his eyes on the prize. The first step
towards all that was becoming a heya-owning Oyakata."


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