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New Juryo Hiradoumi arrived at the joint today and is aiming for the Juryo
yusho. He faced the likes of Ishiura, Azumaryuu ands Nishikigi. "I was able
to do forward-movinbg sumo and that was good.  I was moving surprisingly
well.  ( Heyamate Sadanoumi comes behind him and tells him to say he is
aiming for the yusho..)  First, uh, I think that  I need to get my
kachikoshi so I need to train even more to that end.  Well, OK, I will
gambarize and aim for the yusho!!" he then declared.  He is training hard
with heyamates Myougiryuu and Sadanoumi. "I will gambarize and aim for the
yusho!" he reiterated after the session.

Ozeki Takakeishou trained at the heya today, fundamentals. He escaped
demotion last basho. Getting demoted from Ozeki means you don't have what
it takes to be an Ozeki. I'm thinking that's something I shouldn't be
worried about..  After the four losses at the beginning of last basho I
wasn't too worried. I just wanted to face it a day at a time. People around
me were talking but inside I knew what I had to do. I just gave it may all
day by day. After I got my kachikoshi  I stopped and ended with eight wins,
which is not good. I cannot make do with eight wins.  From that
perspective, it was not a good basho," he added.

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