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Moti's  report:

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> Some new faces at the joint on day three- Myougiryuu and Meisei, 11 sekitori in all in attendnce.
> Meisei - 22 bouts (15-7) against the likes of Takayasu, Kiribayama and Ounoshou. "I wasn't thinking about reacting too much. I think I was concentrating on a bout at a time and going about the keiko in that fashion," he said. He also borrowed Takayasu's chest for a five-minute butsugari session. "It's been a while since I did butsugari against a heavy opponent. Takayasu is a heavy dude and I was groggy. I wasn't thinking too much about the fact that I was the highest ranking rikishi at the session. I just wanted to do some good training and focused on myself.." he said. He then went on to praise Hakuhou and lamented on the fact that he could never beat him (0-2), although he really wanted to. "The fact that nobody was even close to being a real challenger is due to Hakuhou's extreme strength. Our generation is just not good enough, I guess.." he offered.
> Myougiryuu had 11 bouts . "My opponents were strong sanyaku guys so the wins or losses or number of bouts are not important. The content of the keiko was good, and that's what's important," He came to the session with stablemate Sadanoumi, and it's their second straight participation. "No soken, no rengo keiko, so I think this kind of joint session is excellent. The atmosphere was good, and it seems that everyone there came in search of some good degeiko. I'm at the stage of building my body and taking care of my health," he summed.
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