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> Kiribayama trained at home with the lower rankers (no other sekitori at his heya) , 19 bouts, won them all. This, after doing the fundamentals and sweating much. "I'm trying out all kinds of stuff, attacking, defending, facing all types of opponents. My aim is to do 30-40 bouts.. Sanyaku promotion? I'm going about it as usual..", he said. 
> Oldest active sekitori Shouhouzan will make a triumphant return to his hometown in Kyushu next basho after his imminent return to Makuuchi after 7 bashos. "I'm really happy to be back in Makuuchi for Kyushu and I hope to show good sumo there. Kyushu has always been good to me (entered Makuuchi at Kyushu 2011). Memories form facing Hakuhou? He was a beast.. He was crazy strong. I wanted to beat him just once but it was not to be. I never won, but just facing him gave me a lot of confidence," said Shouhouzan.
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