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Final day:

Ichiyamamoto, will be back in Makuuchi after his Juryo yusho today: "I'm
happy. If I can do the kind of sumo I did this basho consistently, I can
win more bouts..I was watching Koutokuzan's bout  nervously (A loss would
have handed Ichiyamamoto the yusho outright), and  when he lost, I was
relieved. Yes, many people say I look like Abi. so i would like to show how
we are different.." (I am totally looking forward to that matchup..)

College champ Kitanowaka 5-2 at Makushita 3, on his way to Juryo, beating
Juryo veteran Mongolian Kyokushuuhou and sending him to Makushita:: "I was
expecting a throw, so I knew i had to counter. I was able to do my own calm
sumo till the end. I think it took me a bit too long to achieve this
promotion (entered in March 2019). I've finally made it to the starting
line. I want to go about it without losing my focus. I don't ant to
overreach myself and will not try to rush things.."

Ura, first ever special prize (fighting spirit), losing today to Chiyomaru
when his attempt at a leg pick backfired badly: "The final result was
regretful.: I'm really happy with the fighting spirit prize. It's been a
dream of mine since I entered sumo. I heard about the when i came in today.
With all the injuries I suffered,  I never thought I would be able to make
it back to Makuuchi, let alone win the prize so I was surprised.. More than
I wanted it, I'm going to be part of the joi next basho. I want to be there
without getting injured."

Abi, ends the basho with three losses and the fighting spirit prize, back
in Makuuchi after that suspension: "I really wanted to crown this with a
win, but I couldn't do my own sumo in the end.  I now know what I need to
do. I guess I've changed.. It's been a year where I had to confront the way
I face sumo. If I can have a sharper tachiai, I will be able to explore a
lot of unexplored territory.. I will be discussing my return to my home
with my wife after living at the heya for a year, as soon as I establish
myself firmly in Makuuchi.""

Hokutofuji, 11 wins down at Maegashira 12: "I've dropped quite far down the
banzuke, so I feel I will be closer to where I was before soon..I felt the
difference between the joi and the lower ranks. It's the same Makuuchi but
a totally different world- totally different pressure and tension.."

Takanoshou, beating Abi today and getting the fighting spirit prize, which
was dependent upon on his winning today: "I was a bit nervous but I'm
really happy.  I'm glad i managed to win. I think my forward moving sumo
was evaluated favorably by those who chose to give me the prize. This has
given me confidence. I think this good feeling will connect to the next

Ouhou, ex-Taihou's grandson, finally looks like he will be promoted to
Makuuchi with his 11 wins from Juryo seven: "I was able to properly move
forward. More important to me than my position on the banzuke is my ability
to do good sumo. It would be good if more and more people will be cheering
for me.."

Kotonowaka, two straight losses and managed only 6 wins: "Things I need to
improve need to all be improved, or else.. I'm still lacking in strength. I
will be thinking of doing sumo by initiating the attack more."

34 years old  veteran Sadanoumi, nine wins in front of his hometown fans:
"I really wanted to get a kachikoshi in Kyushu. My body is in the best
shape since i joined sumo. I want to return to the upper ranks of Makuuchi
as i still have a few good years in me.."

Kaisei, lowest east rank in Makuuchi and going makekoshi on the last day,
losing to Endou.: "I'm Kaisei with the makekoshi. I'm ranked at M17 and
Endou is ranked at M4 so when I saw i had to face him I was startled..
Maybe i was meant to drop to Juryo.."

Takayasu, winning today but makekoshi: "It was  a year of trials and
tribulations but I've learned from it. I will properly be forging my body
from scratch and  going from there."

Wakatakakage, six straight wins and kachikoshi: "Being able to fight
against Joey the top rankers has given me a lot of confidence, but I'm
still far from reaching my potential.  I will be properly polishing my own
brand of sumo."

Daieishou, five straight wins, looking at a possible sanyaku return after
four bashos: "I'm relieved, but the quality of my sumo was not good. i want
to get my kachikoshi much sooner."

Takakeishou, losing to Terunofuji: "All i can do is get stronger. Believing
that everything is a good experience, I will be facing the coming year and
will continue to gambarize!"


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