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Nothing much surprising here. The boys seem to know the  script.

from Moti:

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> Day 7:
> Mitakeumi, beating Kiribayama for his sixth win: "I am not happy with my sumo these last two days. I can't agree with that.."
> Chiyonokuni, 4th win after  fierce thrusting bout against Shouhouzan: "I went all out with the intention of 'borrowing his chest'. It was fun.."
> Terunofuji, 7-0, beating Myougiryuu who beat him the last time they met: "I was planning on going about it calmly. All I can do is concentrate a bout a day.."
> Ichinojou, blasting Wakatakakage out withy brute force: "I was able to do it as I had planned. I didn't want him to get close to me and planned on pushing him away while moving forward.."
> Takakeishou, plowing forward and beating Okinoumi: "I think I properly prepared for this bout.  I wanted what I did during training to show on the dohyo. I'll only know what I will achieve after the last day.."
> Shoudai, winning today but still not happy: "I'm not able to follow through on my tachi-ai yet. I want to pick up the pace from here on and get some consecutive wins!"
> Ex-Makuuchi Tomokaze who dropped through the ranks due to a serious injury and was out for six bashos (26-6 since his return to the dohyo) got his kachikoshi today in lower Makushita (3rd division).: "I hit properly today and responded well.. My body is following well. I'm thankful to be able to do any sumo at all. I have  a personal trainer and a personal physician who have helped me build my body. It's not only my body, I'm carrying everybody's thoughts.." Tomokaze's bout today against Naya, another of ex- Taihou's grandsons:
> https://youtu.be/7xzSTwO6h78
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