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Juryo Takagenji , who was caught smoking pot, has been thrown out of sumo
today. He was already warned in the past (September 2019) for being rough
on a new rikishi.. His Oyakata Tokiwayama has been demoted two ranks from
iin to toshiyori. Takagenji has admitted to smoking weed at least eight
times in the past, after denying it at first, a lie, which we all know does
not lead to good things.. His brother Takanofuji was expelled from sumo a
while back for roughing up his tsukebito and is now a wrestler. "Although
he did show remorse, it's not like we're going to change the decision,"
said an Oyakata. "We are thinking of introducing drug tests for all
rikishi, " he added.

An additional lower division from Takasago beya was diagnosed with the
virus alongside a lower division rikishi from another unnamed heya.


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