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Also some news about Hakuho, who does not appear to be close to retirement at this time (my opinion). 

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> Yokozuna Hakuhou joined the session today but did not do any sumo, just the fundamentals and lent his chest for some butsugari to Takanoshou and Juryo hope Kaishou. His reason for joining on day three? "I'm waiting till I build my body a bit. The banzuke hasn't been announced yet (so it's early days..). My knee injury? Depends on what day it is. It gets better and it gets worse.." he said. He seems to be excited that there is another Yokozuna now. "Whatever you say, there's a new Yokozuna. I think it's great. He's a new rival and that gives me strength. I really want to gambarize. I was motivated by Harumafuji, Kakuryuu and Kisenosato.." he added. When the press attempted to ask him what he thinks of the YDC comments after the basho, the Kyokai PR man interrupted. "I think we can wrap it up here.." he said. And they did.
> Hakuhou was the only sanyaku and higher rikishi to participate today -12 sekitori in all. Takanoshou had the most bouts for a Makuuchi rikishi -  24 bouts, going 12-12. He faced Ounoshou for six straight and then had three more - so 9 straight bouts.  "I'm able to do excellent keiko. There are not much opportunities to get together like this these days so I think this joint keiko thing is very good. I am very thankful for the butsugari session I had with Hakuhou. I never get to learn anything from him usually so this was a precious opportunity. He told me it would be better if I used my left hand more on offence rather than just using my right. I would like to somehow gambarize when I face him next basho!" he proclaimed. It was the first time he borrowed Hakuhou's chest since he first entered Makuuchi.
> Juryo 13 Kaishou had 24 bouts against Makushita rikishi as a warm up- 12-12. He then faced the Juryo guys and was 13-7. "It wasn't much different than training at the heya.. Still, there is a real difference in the power of the tachiai, and that is what I wanted to experience." he said. He then faced Hakuhou for some butsugari. As they are from the same Ichimon, he has borrowed Hakuhou's chest in the past. "I could hardly budge him. He is resilient. Especially when you hit him softly- he seems to suck the power out of you.. I don't get many chances to borrow his chest, so it was good," he said. He will be at his highest career rank next basho. "I am aiming for eight wins. As for Makuuchi, not there yet - I'll take it slowly.." he summed. 
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