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The sessions started today. Present were Takayasu, Shoudai, Mitakeumi,
Ichinojou, Ounoshou, Kiribayama, Azumaryuu, Takanoshou, Kaishou, Enhou,
Nishikigi, Yago and Ouhou.

Takayasu overwhelmed Shoudai 12-3, twice beating him 5 straight times. He
said he was glad to have had a good amount of bouts. "It was good keiko and
I was able to show my power against Shoudai (12-3), " he said. His sparring
partner at his heya is no more, as ex-Kisenosato is establishing his own
heya. "I'll need to gambarize even more now. I hope to lead a sumo life
with no regrets. I have a responsibility to help bring up the lower rankers
of the heya and that will help me strengthen myself too," he added.

Takanoshou went 7-0 at some point and was 12-4 overall. "It was nice to
face all kinds of opponents and it was a great experience," he said.

Shoudai (6-12) injured his left arm near the end of the session. "I just
want to go home and put some ice on it and ask my trainer what to do," he
explained, after being shouted at by Kasugano Oyakata for not taking the
session seriously enough. "I'm not moving well yet. I've got to be able to
do at least ten bouts of my brand of sumo. I'll be upping the pace
gradually from now on," he said. He was lending his chest to some Makushita
guys and seemingly not taking it seriously enough. "With that attitude,
what's the point of an Ozeki lending his chest?? Are you just trying to go
through the moves? Are you an Ozeki? HEY!!" screamed Kasugano. At the
beginning of the keiko, Shoudai was seen talking a lot to fellow rikishi
and Oyakata. "If you're planning to blabber that much, it's best you don't
come at all. Show more dignity!" shouted Kasugano Oyakata. "I guess my
butsugari was lame today. It is the first day and that is what I can do at
this point. I need to get my act together soon.." admitted Shoudai.

Mitakeumi faced Ichinojou and Takanoshou for five bouts. "It's been a while
since I did sumo. I was able to move forward and my tachiai was OK.  I need
to overcome that 10 win wall.." he said.


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