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A bit more on Hakuhou and the Olympics, as posted today by the local media.
Hakuhou "was expecting" to do the dohyo iri during the opening ceremony,
but that did not happen. At some point he was chosen to be one of the torch
relay runners in its last stages in the stadium. But due to the fact that
he was kyujo when the offer came in and as such could not participate in
the preparations, it didn't happen either.

As for other sumo people that did participate somehow in the Olympics,
Takasago beya's Juryo yobidashi Rikinojou played the yosedaiko drums at
some point during the boxing matches (which were held at the Kkan).
According to the Takasago people, "We first saw it on TV and had no idea he
was going to do it. When we asked him about it, he said he was told he was
to absolutely keep it a secret.." Another participant was Juryo yobidashi
Keisuke from Shibatayama beya, who used the wooden clappers (hyojiki) and
was also asked not to divulge the secret beforehand.. The Kyokai was
approached by the organizing committee for permission and they agreed.


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