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Ah...Takamisakari.   He gave us a plenty of fun watching sumo when he was
still active.
As far as his record as a Makuuchi rikishi, he was more or less mediocre.
In one stretch of 10 basho, he finished 7 win - 8 loss seven times. He
barely made Sanyaku (highest being Komusubi).  To mirror that rather
undistinguished record he finished his career with one more loss than win
(564 losses vs 563 wins).

Though he joined his elementary school sumo team only because his teacher
told him he could only get extra serving of school lunch if he did, he
became pretty much a standout back in Aomori days - he was Middle High
Yokozuna and was good enough to join Nihon University Sumo team.

Unfortunately for him there was another talented superstar joined the
university team at the same time as him.  He always was under the shadow of
his super talented team mate, Tamiya (later Kotomitsuki).  However he even
won the All Japan Sumo Championship to become Amateur Yokozuna (I don't
exactly remember but I think Tamiya did not participate due to injury or

That got him to join Ozumo as a Makushita Tsukedashi and gave him a great
start. During training sessions he was known to show less that spirited
effort, only to come out on the dohyo a changed man with full of vigor.
His pre-bout antics certainly helped him to get himself psyched up.

During his active career he vowed never to become a heya owning oyakata
saying he was no good at accounting or business management but with the
sudden death of the former Azumazeki oyakata he has become the heya master
so that the legacy of his heya mate Ushiomaru continues.

Unlike his mediocre active career he may turn out to a good heya master
knowing not all rikishi would end up as Yokozuna, Ozeki or even a sekitori,
he may motivate his deshi by letting them know, by sheer effort and trying
to be all one can be, one can be successful in life.

During scandal Yaocho days, he was singled out again and again as one of a
few bona fide Gachiko rikishi, clearly never have known to have cheated in
his bouts all his life and he was not even investigated by the Kyokai for
gambling. No one doubted his sincerity.

Gome Koumuru,

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