[sumo] Ozumo without spectators

Jonosuke Gomen gomen.jonosuke at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 16:19:39 EST 2020

So you ask what will be different with Ozumo when they won't let any
spectators in the Haru Basho?

1. Do they still do Juryo and Makuuchi rikishi dohyo-iri?  Yes, that will
go on.
2. Anything different about each bout, such as throwing salt?  The Kyokai
says the throwing of salt will be done but "Chikara-mizu", that's the water
the winning rikishi gives to the rikishi about to start the bout.  Well
they will or will not do this, depend on how strict you consider this act.
The winning rikishi will still give the water but the receiving rikishi
will not touch his lips directly to the water.  Instead he will have his
mouth close enough to it but will not touch it.
3. Yusho Cup/flag - this will still be presented but they may not go
through with all other presentation - I guess what's the point when NHK
stop showing these trophies and stuff being presented.  Also Kyokai will
not have the yusho parade, presumably not to have too many people gather
around along the route, incurring the risk of virus spread.
4. Kyokai is also arranging special bus to take the rikishi to the venue so
that rikishi won't need to take public transit.
5. Hakkaku oyakata, Kyokai chairman, previously stated if there was even
one rikishi catching COVID-19 then he would cancel the basho right away.

Gomen Komuru,
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