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Thu Sep 10 09:12:28 EDT 2020

No, I think John needs to post one more to the Japan Times - the Tamanoi
effect. While it is reported that none of Tamanoi is in makuuchi, there
will still be 19 absent from Tamanoi alone - and there are still a few more
days to go until shonochi. And I don't see the "bubble" practice helping in
this sport.

In any event, this will be an interesting basho assuming it completes 15
days with no additional COVID-19 incidences.

Go, Terunofuji!


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> https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2020/09/09/sumo/sumo-coronavirus/
> I think this is the last article...for now!
> Gaijingai
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