[sumo] Kokugikan Audience

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Sun Nov 8 19:32:32 EST 2020

It was good to see more people able to go and watch the sumo at the kokugikan, but I was surprised that the seats in the tamari area at the front had been made available and I was not impressed by some of the patrons sitting in the mukojomen, who were visible during the NHK’s broadcast and highlights package.  

One well dressed young lady in white close to the hanamichi sat beautifully throughout, some other ladies had scarves covering their legs where they were not sitting quite “correctly”, but one girl wearing slacks sometimes sat with one knee up.

The worst offender (of my sumo sensibilities) was a man in the centre in jeans.  He sprawled in his allotted position and sometimes stretched his legs out, feet towards the dohyo .  He had a water bottle beside him, which also surprised me, in that area where eating and drinking are forbidden.

Thank goodness dear Doreen Simmons is not here to see such breaches of sumo etiquette.  I hope she’s not too dizzy from spinning in her grave!


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