[sumo] Sumo: Hakuho survives, Kakuryu falls on Day 1 of July meet

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Sun Jul 19 07:20:36 EDT 2020

Of COURSE, the photo of the fans shows a good number with stupid mask
behaviour. Wearing masks is not the Magic Talisman because people just will
not wear them correctly all the time. Letting them fall below the nose, the
mouth, the chin, because they are darned uncomfortable. Washing hands,
social distancing, that makes sense, but the mask thing is really overrated
and mostly virtue signalling at this point. These are my thoughts.
Personally, I would not go to any event that required masks because of the
above and the fact that is requirement admits right up front that the venue
is not safe.

Anyway, go Hakuho! Ryogoku is more cheerful now with the many rikishi in
their yukata on the streets of a beautiful summer day.

*Patricia Yarrow  *

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