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So the question is why is these old geezers at the Kyokai waiting around
till March 1 to decide what to do? I understand it's just their normal
protocol to delay the inevitable as long as possible.

But even now PM Abe sensing the doom (of his political fortune) declared to
have all elementary, junior high and high schools in Japan to close their
door.  All school activities cancelled and parents scrambling around to
find what kids will do at home for the next several weeks. While there may
have been hues and cries from this sudden decision without consulting any
school boards, in my opinion this should have been done a couple of weeks

Getting back to the Kyokai, with all sport and entertainment activities
either postponed, cancelled or in some cases being held with much smaller
scale, do these Kyokai old farts have any choice now?   They cannot
definitely go on as before.  Personally there will be no option for them to
postpone the basho as they have other events scheduled after the basho (if
they can be even held).

Their choice is simple - outright cancel and regroup back for May (though
this one still could be at risk) but they must have spent significant money
moving everyone as well as for the preparation of basho.  They did cancel a
basho after the gambling incident some years back. Or they can hold it
without any spectators and have the basho NHK broadcast live.  Again this
will be significant financial loss to them.  But they are not truly alone.
All sports leagues and entertainers are cancelling their events and
concerts incurring great deal of financial loss.

But it all comes down to keeping the spread of virus to minimum and
protecting their fans, families and, overall for public good.  Japan needs
to contain this virus from spreading rapidly taxing their medical
facilities causing gravely ill people from dying whether they have COVID-19
or suffering from other illness.

Just so that everyone is aware that the Kyokai is not alone in facing a
very difficult decision, check the following list of sport and entertain
related cancellation or postponement.  It really should be clear what the
Kyokai needs to do.

Japan Basketball B League Postpone
B1 and B2 Games from Feb 28 to March 11

Women's Japan Basketball League
All remaining games to March 14 cancelled
Prepare for Playoffs starting March 24 based on the current standing

Japan Professional Baseball League Spring Training "Open" Games - All 72
games to be held without spectators

J League Soccer - Postponed all 94 games to March 15

Rugby - Postponed Feb 29, March 1, 7, 8 games

JRA (Japan Horse Racing) - hold races without spectators for time being

Tokyo Marathon March 1 - only with elite runners

Other musical group cancellations:

AKB 48 - all events and concerts to March 11 cancelled
Exile - Feb 26 Kyocera Dome show cancelled
Perfume - Feb 26 Tokyo Dome concert cancelled
Yonezu Kenshi - Feb 27/28 Miyagi; Mar 7 / 8 Mie concerts cancelled
Twice - Mar 4/5 Tokyo Dome concert postponed
Masaharu Fukuyama - Mar 19. 21 22 Yokohama  Arena concerts cancelled
Gen Hoshino - Mar 4, 5 Yokohama Arena concerts cancelled; Mar 17/18
Osaka-Jo Hall concerts cancelled
Ayumi Hamazaki - Feb 29/Mar 1 Nagoya Kokusaikaigijo Century Hall concerts
Kumi Koda - Feb 29 Aichi-ken Geijutsu Gekijo Dai Hall concerts cancelled

Other artists and groups cancelling their concerts:
- Da-iCE
- back number
- MAN WITH A MISSION (postpone)
- Naotaro Moriyama (postpone)
- UVERworld
- Shota Shimizu (postpone)
- Sakanaction (postpone)
- Uchikubigokumon Dokokai
- E-girls
- Non
- Momoka Ariyasu (postpone)
- W-inds
- Daichi Miura
- Johnny & Associates events,cocerts pospponed from Feb 27 to March 9

AnimeJapan 2020 Tokyo Bigsite March 21 - 24 cancelled

Gomen Komuru,
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