[sumo] Ozumo Osaka Basho

Jonosuke Gomen gomen.jonosuke at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 13:31:08 EST 2020

The Kyokai is debating right now if they should cancel the basho, or hold
it with no fans or outright cancel it due to threat from COVID19.

Personally with risk of having so many people close together eating and
drinking, there will be quite a bit of risk of spreading the virus and
start of new clusters.

If I recall during World War II, Ozumo held basho without crowd even while
Tokyo was getting bombed so this is certainly not new to them.

I personally hope they will go with this route so at least we can enjoy the
basho without worrying about Ozumo contributing to people getting sick and
even dying.

Gomen Komuru,
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