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News from Moti. This Oyakata is the former Kitazakura, one of the net lest men in sumo I’ve known. 

Nine (of 19)  Shikihide beya  rikishi ran way from the heya today, citing the okamisan's strict behavior. They sent a message notifying the Kyokai, and the Kyokai will call in the sides to hear their story today and try to reach some sort of settlement. They took refuge at a Karaoke place near the heya. "Moral harassment" is what they are claiming. The Oyakata himself has been ill since the beginning of the year and was out of the last basho so he could not oversee the training or give any guidance. Instead, the Okamisan was training them (???) but the rikishi lost their patience and ran away from the heya. The rikishi were complaining that the okamisan joined the heya's chat group and was reading everything and giving lout instructions and when someone was slow to respond he was reprimanded. Using of electrical appliances was allowed only by her. When rikishi ordered stuff online and the stuff arrived or when stuff arrived from their parents, she forced them to take pictures of what they bought and to post them in the group chat. "It's an invasion of privacy!" they cried out. She used to periodically hold surprise checks of the contents of their lockers as well. When anyone attempted to challenge her she threatened to throw them out of the heya or report them to the Kyokai. After the basho was over she demanded the rikishi write her a "letter of reflection." It seems the okamisan was trying in her own way to be in charge, but was not accepted by the rikishi and eventually it led to a mass walkout instead. The rikishi were training in earnest and longing for the Oyakata, but he is still ill, and they could not control her, some say.  

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