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Sat May 5 11:48:47 EDT 2018

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Date: Tue, May 1, 2018 at 9:49 AM
Subject: Doreen
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I was just looking for the new banzuke in the ML archive and saw the news
about Doreen. Since Verizon won't let me send or receive the ML, I don't
keep up.
In January 2000, when I was in Tokyo for several days, she invited me to
meet her at the Kokugikan for the Dohyo Matsuri the day before Shonichi. I
would never have even known about the event but for Doreen.
When I was on my way back to the US in October, she let me take her out to
dinner. I owed her for the Dohyo Matsuri. Then I had to work hard to
convince her that I should pay because I was in travel status which is
basically an expense account.
I'll never forget her description of herself when I was to meet her for the
Dohyo Matsuri "Minnie Mouse about 50 years on"
I'm sorry I missed the original announcements. She will be missed.


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