[sumo] Gaijingai's good news

Jeffrey Anderson jeffand at regent.edu
Thu Dec 13 10:22:31 EST 2018

Absolutely! And I've got it bookmarked in my calendar when ticket sales for Front Row members go on sale on line. I'm going to try for two more matches.

I do hope someone would be able to put together a dinner for those of us on the Mail list and the Sumo Forum.

My best to all (and in a lot of discomfort, but this too shall pass),

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Great news Jeff.

Onwards and upwards to the Tokyo basho and Rugby World Cup in Sep next year :-).

All the best for 2019 to you and all the list.


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> Phenomenal video! Too bad you have to watch the two minute 
> advertisement first. And by the way, my cancer surgery was successful yesterday!
> Gaijingai
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