[sumo] Henka

Robert Hovestadt sherlockiama at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 08:00:16 EDT 2016

Not expecting they would ever ban it. As you said what constitutes a henka,
the ones by Aminishiki and Goeidou this basho were rather obvious. IMHO as
a Sanyaku it is inexcusable behavior.[you are welcome to disagree of
I am not sure what the solution is if there is one.

On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 4:50 AM, Benjamin Guthrie <
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> While it would be nice to see better sumo, banning henkas would be tricky
> I think. Just how much of a shift at the tachiai would constitute a henka?
> How would you judge whether the amount they shifted violated the rule or
> not? While some henkas are blatant and unquestionable, there is such a big
> gray area, I think instituting a ban would be impossible. It's probably why
> they have never been banned, just frowned upon and booed when too blatant.
> That's my two cents anyway, I'm sure there are plenty on this list with a
> better understanding than me.
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> > Watching Moti's videos of the daily bouts, I am saddened to see all the
> henkas happening in Makuuchi this basho, especially by Goeido and
> Aminishiki. What do you all think - do you think that the Kyokai should ban
> henkas? No one likes them and no one at the venue wants to pay to see that
> kind of sumo.
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