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While it would be nice to see better sumo, banning henkas would be tricky I think. Just how much of a shift at the tachiai would constitute a henka? How would you judge whether the amount they shifted violated the rule or not? While some henkas are blatant and unquestionable, there is such a big gray area, I think instituting a ban would be impossible. It's probably why they have never been banned, just frowned upon and booed when too blatant. That's my two cents anyway, I'm sure there are plenty on this list with a better understanding than me.

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> Watching Moti's videos of the daily bouts, I am saddened to see all the henkas happening in Makuuchi this basho, especially by Goeido and Aminishiki. What do you all think - do you think that the Kyokai should ban henkas? No one likes them and no one at the venue wants to pay to see that kind of sumo.
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