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Angel Stoyanov angelstoyanov55 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 7 14:02:30 EST 2016

 Hello Sumo Fans and Gamers, 
Do you like surprises? Are you excited when lower rank rikishi defeat higher rank rikishi? How about Sanyaku? If the answer is "YES" Id like to invite you all to play THE UNDERDOG GAME (TUG).
It's an easy game to play, but at the same time challenging!It is an "exciting", "awesome", "clever" game, according to sumo gamers, who are hooked on TUGing! 
The 2016 Haru basho is just a week away, so why don't you try this game.
I haven't found yet the help for creating an automated Entry Form, so this basho I'll continue to maintain the game as I did the last 2 basho, utilizing the Excel spreadsheet created by Gurowake.The Daily Torikumi and the Standings Tables will be posted on Sumoforum. For 2016 Haru basho you have to send me your daily picks the same way as before: It's up to you to decide how to submit your entries. Choose one of the following options: 1.) Post them daily on Sumoforum before the deadline; 2.) Use the PM (private message) on the Sumoforum. If you chose to use this method, please, use Randomitsuki's method.
Once you Compose your message, every day open the same PM and reply to it with your new pick. In this way the Storage space is much smaller than if you submit every day different PMs. 3.) You can send your pick with an e-mail to angelstoyanov55(at)yahoo(dot)com Important: After Day 14 a Cut line (like in Golf) will be anounced. All Gamers who have a mathematical chance to win the Yusho or the Jun Yusho, will make the Cut. For all these Gamers it will be MANDATORY to send their last pick on Senshuraku either by PM or e-mail. If somebody, who makes the Cut, has a problem with sending a PM or e-mail, he/she will be allowed his/her pick to be sent by a friend, who doesn't have a problem with these methods, otherwise their picks, if posted on the Sumoforum WON'T COUNT, even if they are wins.
Here are the Rules of the Game:


Hope I'll see some of you joining the TUG supporters and enjoy playing this game.
Best Regards:Angel "Achiyama" Stoyanov,Creator and TUG Rijicho

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