[sumo] Hanamichi Report

Jeffrey Anderson jeffand at regent.edu
Wed Jul 27 10:45:09 EDT 2016

Ross Mihara: Here's Riyo Ohta with a hanamichi report. This one's with Gaijingai.

Riyo: Gaijingai, what a horrible basho.

Gaijingai: HOT

Riyo: Er - yes. You came in dead last in the Upside Down Hoshitori contest.

Gaijingai: HUMID!

Riyo: Eitooooo - You came pretty much in last in Salary Cap Sumo

Gaijingai: 45 degrees C heat index!

Riyo: Yes, but -

Gaijingai: I got sun poisoning at a rugby tourney last Saturday. This is my first day back in the office.

Riyo: Sure, but -

Gaijingai: Last night I did 10 k in the heat with my hashing club. I thought I was going to drop!

Riyo: Gaijingai, you seem obsessed with the weather.

Gaijingai; Even my phone calls are about the weather, too!

Riyo: How so?

Gaijingai: Last night Gaijingal and I were home watching television when the phone rang and I picked it up. I listened for a moment before snapping, "How should I know? Call the weather bureau!"

Riyo: Who was it?

Gaijingai: Just some stupid fool asking if the coast was clear.

Riyo: Anooooo...back to you, Ross!

Best regards,
Jeffrey Anderson

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The saddest are these:
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