[sumo] [Sumo Games] Invitation to play TUG (The Underdog Game)

Angel Stoyanov angelstoyanov55 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 5 19:44:27 EDT 2016

 Hello Sumo Fans and Gamers,   The 2016 Nagoya basho is just 5 days away, so I'd like to invite you all to play The Underdog Game (TUG) again.  This Basho, I'll continue using the new way of submitting your daily entries of your picks privately using a link where the possible options can be found. This system was successfully tried out last basho. 
The link to the Entry Form will be posted on Sumoforum.
But there is an option the link to be sent to e-mails, in case that you don't have access to the Sumoforum (You just have to e-mail me your e-mails). I'll be very excited if there are more Gamers, who would be curious to try The Underdog Game during 2016 Nagoya Basho.
It's a very simple, but at the same time very intriguing game.
As soon as the first official daily Torikumi becomes available I'll Post the link, where you can make your selection of your picks for Day 1, as well as your BACK-UP picks. The Daily Torikumi and the Standings Tables will be posted on Sumoforum. Here are the Rules of the Game:*************************************************************************************************TheUnderdog Game RulesDeadlineThedeadline is 15:00 JST every day. The gamers can changetheir picks as many times as they want before the deadline.DailyEntryThisis a simple game to play: Just chose oneUnderdog from Makuuchi division or a Visitor from Juryo division every day, whoyou think will bring you most points.Everybodyis advised to make a second choice as a BACK-UP in case thepicked rikishi is involved in a FUSEN-SHO bout. Please, put the back-up pick inbrackets. Attention: The back-up pick plays ONLYif there is Fusen.The Torikumi with the correspondingpoints for grab will be announced as soon as the official daily Torikumi isavailable. It will be posted on Sumoforum.A link with the Entry Form will beposted on Sumoforum, or e-mailed to interested Gamers, who don’t have access toSumoforum.Daily Points for Grab:
A. Basic points (BaP):    5 points will be awarded for every winby an Underdog.B. Rank points (RP):
   1. Maegashira- Each rank counts for 1 (one) point:                        M16W wins over M16E =    +1 point                   M16W wins over M15W =   +2 points                   M16W wins over M15E =    +3 points                   M16E wins over M15W =    +1 point                   M16E wins over M15E =     +2 points etc. until M1E
    2.  Juryo Spank Toy – Same as (1)
   3.  Equality of Sanyaku ranks:                        M1E wins over either Komusubi                       2 points                   M1E wins over eitherSekiwake                       4 points                   M1E wins over either Ozeki                             7points                   M1E wins over eitherYokozuna                      10 points                   Either K wins over eitherSekiwake                  2points                   Either K wins over eitherOzeki                        5points                   Either K wins over eitherYokozuna                  8points                   Either Sekiwake wins overeither Ozeki            3 points                        Either Sekiwake wins over either Yokozuna      6 points                   Either Ozeki wins overeither Yokozuna            3 points C. Bonus Points (BoP):    
   -  Kinboshi(Maegashira defeats Yokozuna)                     10 points.
   -  Ginboshi(Maegashira defeats Ozeki)                                    7points.
   -  Douboshi(Maegashira defeats Junior Sanyaku – K or S)        4 points.
   -  JS-Y bonus (Junior Sanyaku - K or S defeats Yokozuna)        6 points.
   -  JS-O bonus (Junior Sanyaku - K or S defeatsOzeki)              4 points.
   -  O-Ybonus (Ozeki defeats Yokozuna)                                    3points.
   -  M13-M16defeats M1-M4                                                     7points.
   -  M13-M16defeats M5-M8                                                     5points.
   -  M13-M16defeats M9-M12                                                   3 points.
   -  M9-M12 defeats M1-M4                                                       5points.
   -  M9-M12 defeats M5-M8                                                       3points.
   -  M5-M8 defeats M1-M4                                                         3points.
   -  JuryoSpank Toy defeats Maegashira                                    3points.

D. Golden Bonus Points (GBoP):       Extra5 points are awarded to any Gamer who is the only one to pick any winningUnderdog rikishi.Tie-breakers for ranking the gamerswith the same score:If several players haveequal number of points at the end of the Basho, the following tie-breakers arein force to differentiate them:   
   -  Thelargest sum of the 3 best daily scores;
   -  Thelargest sum of the 4 best daily scores;
   -  The largest sum of the 5 best daily scores;
   - The largest sum of the 6 best dailyscores, etc. until breaking the tie.
FusenFusen wins do NOT bring any points. SanshoTo be in contentionfor a special prize, a kachi-koshi (eightwins or more) is required.Kanto-shoThe Fighting Spiritaward goes to the player with the largestsum of the 3 best daily BONUS points, including the Golden bonus points, if any. Gino-shoThe Technique Prizegoes to the player with the largest sumof the 3 best dailyTOTAL points, including theGolden bonus points, if any.Shukun-shoThe OutstandingPerformance Award goes to the player with most BONUS points, including theGolden points, if any, achieved during the WHOLE basho (in case of a tie – the player(s) with least 0 pointsdays win(s)).Achiyama-shoThe Maverick Award formost unorthodox picks goes to the player with most GOLDEN BONUS pointsduring the whole basho.Kaizen-shoThe Improvement Awardgoes to the Gamer(s) who improved the most from the previous to current basho. Kouritsu-shoThe Efficiency Award goesto the Gamer(s) with the highest average points/day.Koujou-shoThe Consistency Awardgoes to the Gamer(s) with the highest number of scoring day.Promotionto Ozeki   
   - Sanyaku rank on the recent two tournaments and at least the last one is Sekiwake. 
   - Kachi-Koshi results on the recent four tournaments
   - At least one Yusho or Jun-Yusho (by kekka, not points) on the recent four tournaments
   - At least 30 kekka points on the recent three basho 
Conditions ofpromotion are examined only by results of active tournaments, so the playerwill not lose his chances for the promotion if he/she has to leave out a bashobecause of any reason, but only if he/she previously sent a note about his/herabsence.If an ozeki gets aMake-Koshi result on a tournament, he/she will receive kadoban statusfor the following basho. If he/she finishes this basho with Make-Koshi, too,then he/she will lose his/her rank. Nevertheless, if he/she can get at least 10wins on the third tournament, he/she will get his Ozeki rank backPromotionto Yokozuna        
   - Ozeki rank on the recent two tournaments
   - kachi-koshi result on the recent four tournaments
   - at least two Yusho or Jun-Yusho (by kekka, not points) on the recent four tournaments, and of those at least one Yusho or Jun-Yusho as an Ozeki
   - at least 33 kekka points on the recent three basho
Conditions ofpromotion are examined only by results of active tournaments, so the playerwill not lose his/her chances for the promotion if he/she has to leave out abasho because of any reason, but only if he/she previously sent a note abouthis/her absence.Although it is nottoo graceful if a Yokozuna has continuously weak performances, there is nopressure on them at all, it entirely depends on their own decision if theycontinue playing or retire, and everybody has to respect this decision.Absences   
   - KOSHO– if the absence is announced, keeping the rank the same for the followingBanzuke;
   - KYUJO– first absence is automatically granted when the absence is not announced, therank might not be kept the  same; 
   - Secondconsecutive absence – Score of 0-15 is assigned;
   - Thirdconsecutive absence results in Banzuke-gai (falling off the Banzuke).
Hopefully there will be new Gamers, who would be curious to check this game.
If you like the Underdogs and their success - this game is for you.
Best Regards,


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